Paul J. Ford & Company offers structural modification design and analysis services to extend the life and usefulness of our clients’ existing towers and monopoles.

Owners like to work with us because we have extensive experience and are known for our integrity, quality, and responsiveness. Our structural engineers consistently deliver documentation that is complete, accurate, timely, and fairly priced.

We offer structural analysis and design services that help tower owners safely modify existing tower structures:

  • Extend the vertical height of a tower or monopole
  • Increase the structural capacity of a tower or monopole to support increased equipment loads
  • Increase the strength of the tower or monopole to meet updated code requirements
  • Evaluate and develop a remedy for towers that have sustained physical damage or experienced excessive corrosion
  • Evaluate and develop a remedy for contractor errors
  • Develop a remedy for towers or monopoles experiencing excessive deflection or vibration
  • Develop a remedy for tower or monopole foundations with excessive settlement or differential settlement
  • Evaluate and develop a repair for cracks in concrete foundations

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