Rickenbacker International Airport

Columbus, Ohio

The existing 37,800 square foot Hangar 1001 at Rickenbacker International Airport consists of a main hangar area with administrative offices along the north and south elevations. This structure was originally constructed utilizing 160-foot wide three-pinned open web arches in the main hangar, and structural steel beams and columns in the administrative areas.

Paul J. Ford and Company performed an initial structural assessment and field mapping of this facility since the original construction documents were not available. A new entry vestibule was designed comprising of structural steel moment-resisting frames and concrete masonry shear walls. Larger hangar door pockets and tail door were designed to allow access for larger aircrafts. The design challenge for the tail door was to provide a larger clear opening while still supporting the top of the hanger door. Through coordination with the hangar door manufacturer, Paul J. Ford and Company was able to accomplish this by adding a structural steel truss on top of the existing open web arch.


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