Cedarville University

Cedarville, Ohio

The Marshall-Carr- Rogers Hall renovation consisted of combining three residence halls into a single connected structure. Both Marshall and Carr Halls originally consisted of a three story, 3,700 square foot residence hall built in 1974 on the campus of Cedarville University. These facilities provided living quarters, laundry rooms and lounges for approximately 164 male students. The existing construction of the facility utilized wood roof trusses, precast concrete hollow core slabs, unreinforced composite load bearing masonry walls supported by continuous concrete wall footings. Rogers Hall is a two-story structure that also provided living quarters to 34 students. It was constructed using prefabricated wood trusses, conventional wood framing and continuous concrete walls footings.

In 2011, Paul J. Ford and Company designed the structural modifications and upgrades to these existing structures. The upgrades and modifications included removing the exterior balconies and entrances and replacing them with openings in the interior load bearing masonry walls. This allowed the students to access individual rooms from the interior of the structure. In addition, the spaces between the buildings were infilled with a full height building structure. The structure comprised of loading bearing concrete walls, structural steel framing, composite deck and rough sawn timber trusses. These areas now serve as common areas for the student’s new lounge and kitchen areas. The main challenge encountered during this project was designing around existing field conditions and a fast pace construction schedule.


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