The FORGBolt®, U.S. Patent No. 9,562,558 B2, was designed by the innovative structural engineers at Paul J. Ford & Company to meet the demand in the tower industry for a more efficient and stronger blind bolt assembly for use in monopole reinforcement.

This unique bolt design offers a smarter, faster, and stronger way to securely attach reinforcement components to monopoles and towers.


Installing FORGBolt® takes 50% less time than installing a traditional blind bolt because there are fewer pieces to manage.


FORGBolt® comes preassembled and pre-lubricated. No additional sleeve is needed and no special tools are required for installation. Because there are fewer components, removal is easier too.


FORGBolt® forges directly into the drilled hole as it is tightened, filling the cavity entirely and delivering greater grip strength than its competitors.


Because FORGBolt® joins more securely to the tower structure it is more reliable than traditional blind bolts, which don’t fill holes completely or have partial-length shear sleeves.


FORGBolt® high-quality blind bolts speed the installation, allowing workers to get more work done in less time.

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