Paul J. Ford & Company is known for structural engineering innovation and problem-solving. Over the years, our commitment to solving clients’ difficult structural challenges has led us to create new, innovative solutions where none existed before.

One such solution is the FORGBolt®, a unique blind bolt we designed in response to the tower industry demand for a stronger and more efficient blind bolt assembly. The patent-pending FORGBolt® product provides a smarter, faster way to reinforce monopoles and lattice towers while offering greater strength and reliability.

Our team of innovative engineers is always looking for the next structural challenge to solve. Contact us today to learn how we can develop an innovative solution that’s right for you.

Other Paul J. Ford & Company innovations include:


  • Proprietary in-house software we developed to analyze and design monopoles accurately and efficiently.


  • Proprietary software used to analyze and design web penetrations in steel beams based on the AISC Design Guide.

Monopole Reinforcement

  • A monopole reinforcing system that utilizes a bolted-on brace and clamp system (U.S. Patent No. 6,901,717).
  • Design of the first monopole reinforcing system utilizing carbon fiber reinforcing elements (CFRP) that are structurally adhered to the steel monopole shaft.

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